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Feeling thankful for my friends, you know who you are…

Signs the summer might nearly be here
scattered showers, the sun appears
staying inside for over 12 hours
staying awake using force powers
completing the geekiest marathon.

A week later running a real race
ten kilometers and a grimaced face
knowing the red rose on my chest
a good steady pace means a good time
and money raised for a great cause.

Exciting new projects in 9-5
even if that sometimes meant 9-5-9
a new dog means more work and play
new excitement and joy, and great excuse
for pensive, theological beach trips

Down to Devon to see an old friend
beach, barbeque, board games,
banter and beaten (at FIFA)
on a warm sunny weekend
a much needed break from the norm.

Depressing election results
silver linings not silver but green
in a sea of purple polluted poisoned
perplexing water-ed down racism
makes me wish for better days.

A spontaneous catch up leads to
late night post-pub scotch eggs
freshly fried snacks for hungry men
carefully crafted culinary creation
Much better than the usual kebab.

A trip up north west to see a friend wed
Then over to Sheffield to rest my head
a sunday well spent relaxing and thinking
the long drive down south, time to reflect
it’s been a good month, has May, in the end.

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