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I’ve been thinking about Jesus’ washing his disciples feet today – mainly whilst at work (that may go some way to explain why it wasn’t a productive day). What an astonishing idea; that the Messiah – the saviour of Israel – could stoop so low as to wash the feet of those who were meant to be following and learning from Him. 

How many of us these days are prepared to do the same?

I’m not, of course, referring to washing one another’s feet. That would be weird, right? What I am thinking of is that which we also shy away from – the messy, dirty, nasty, unpleasant tasks of life. The ones we don’t want to do because they would make us unclean, unauthoritative, no longer in control – that sort of thing.

Decisions like visiting Iraq, living in one of the worst parts of Philadelphia, exploring life on a council estate, caring for the dying in Calcutta, bearing the burden of the worldwide Catholic church when we would rather be in a two room apartment cooking our own meals and living the simple life; loving those who seem unloveable; caring for those who have no one else to care for them; moving in among the poor; selling our possessions so as not to be controlled by them; being prepared to die in the name of Jesus.

We can’t go on pretending that Jesus does not demand our all, our everything. We cannot go on leading a life of ignorance and worldly wealth. Not when we follow a God who was downwardly mobile enough to come to earth as man and then downward again in his pursuit of those on the most marginal places of society.

My question to you all this Maundy Thursday, is how prepared are you to follow Him? enough to lose your life? Because Jesus says that in doing so, you will gain it.


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