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Just for clarity, this was a joke! There is no way in all of hell I would ever even begin to consider voting for the Conservative party in its current guise. Or, realistically, in any guise.

As many of you will know, politics is an issue dear to my heart. I happen to believe it the pursuit of noble causes far more than I perceive it to be the cynical they’re-all-the-same-and-in-it-for-themselves alternative.

I’ve spent some long evenings thinking about where my vote should lie. My natural inclination has always been to vote Labour. Yet Ed Miliband fills me with dread. The man is nothing short of utterly incompetent.

Then there’s the Liberal Democrats. Nick Clegg, better known for… breaking his promises – than for delivering anything¬† tangible in government. No thanks.

What about the Green party? sandal wearing loonies. And UKIP? Just plain loonies.

Which is why, with much caution, bemusement, regret and a heavy heart, I’ve decided to place my vote, this year, for the Conservative party.

I may not agree with David Cameron on all things but the man is at least serious about deficit reduction, equality (look at his record on gay rights, for example), creating jobs and employment, and furthering the role of business in the miserable mess that is the public sector. Yes, some of his policies unnerve me – I winced every time I heard Michael Gove on the television over the last five years – but take a look at some of the other things the government has achieved: the universal credit being a great example. While faced with a difficult rolling-out phase, brings benefits into one, manageable, sensible, understandable system that those who use it can follow.

Locally, Charlotte Leslie has been a fantastic constituency MP, working tirelessly for the people of Southmead. She has been at the forefront of work on local campaigns such as her Southmead Survey, and the re-opening of the Henbury railway line, to name just a couple of things.

So, this coming election, I will be placing my vote with the Conservatives. I’ve grown in private, to admire their approach and their attitude – that we need to work hard and contribute to society; and enable others to do the same. I implore you to do the same as I will on the 7th May – vote Conservative.


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