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I haven’t set foot here in seven long old years
everything looks so familiar; yet distant;
the same winding streets have newer faces
and familiar landmarks seem little-aged.

Contrasting spirituality: old, and new
The new found in the old, ancient traditions
The old, still standing on a street corner
Yet it seems dated now. I’ve moved on.

Church posters proclaiming the need for repentance
and signs of “no public right of way”
Irony not lost on this bedraggled cynic,
finding my home now with Illtydd.

A brisk strut to the coast; stopped in my tracks
by memories of times gone by. Happier –
youthful and full of promise; treasured;
times I’ll always remember well.

Waves lapping at my feat I cast my eyes
over the misty spring horizon
My eyes wander over sprawling pebbles
then back to the ocean; forever divine.

You were there alongside me today.
I knew your presence. We walked together,
wept together, smiled together,
laughed together and pondered together.

I discovered You here – all those years ago.
I’m grateful for that today.
Thank you.

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